je suis un pot cassé

rachel the panda
Texas, United States
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Seoul American Elementary School - 서울 (Seoul) 서울 특별시 (Seoul Teukbyeolsi) KR
New Braunfels Middle School - New Braunfels TX (1997 - 1999)
New Braunfels High School - New Braunfels TX (1999 - 2003)
Texas A&M University - Commerce TX (2003 - 2005)
Texas State University - San Marcos TX (2005 - 2009)
Interests: (122)
alan rickman, american sign language, amélie, ang lee, anime, ansel adams, aragorn, art, art history, asia, astrology, bamboo plants, bath & body works, bonsai, books, buddha, buddhism, c.s. lewis, candles, cartoons, cheese, chocolate, classical music, claude monet, coffee, color, computers, cooking, crouching tiger hidden dragon, darren hayes, dogs, drawing, dreams, egyptian mythology, fiction, flip-flops, food, food network, french, french films, french food, french language, french music, fromage, greek mythology, hello kitty, icon-making, icons, impressionism, impressionists, incense, internet, j.r.r. tolkien, james bond, japan, japanese, japanese culture, jpop, kevin smith, korea, korean, korean culture, kpop, language, learning, les miserables, linguistics, linkin park, literature, lord of the rings, love, mac, makeup, manga, massages, meditation, minority rights, mononoke-hime, movies, mozart, music, musicals, mythology, nip/tuck, novels, oruha, pain, paint, panda, phantom of the opera, philosophy, photo history, photography, poetry, psychology, raspberry iced tea, reading, rent, romance, sanrio, savage garden, sense and sensibility, shopping, singing, sleep, sleeping, spirited away, starbucks, suu, tattoos, terry brooks, the killers, theology, utada hikaru, video games, viggo mortensen, violin, watercolor, writing, yellowcard, yo-yo ma, yoga
Loves: Hello Kitty, Care Bears, The Last Unicorn, My Little Pony, shopping, Diet Coke with Lime, Cherry Zero, Star Trek: TNG, Quest for Glory, King's Quest and a slew of other glorious video games they no longer make cause the PC video game industry got it's ass pwned. :P As far as consoles go, hearts the pink DS and Wii. Loves to colour, so crayons and colouring books are always on her mind.

Is an adopted child from South Korea and longs to return to find her roots someday. Aspires in college to get a degree in English and translate her native language into her adopted one. Sigh. Still gotta learn Korean. Damn.

Graduated in December of 2009 with a Bachelor's of Arts degree in English, Professional Writing Emphasis. Still job-hunting. Thinks the Zombie Apocalypse might be here before she finds a stable career.

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